Smiling Family posing for family photography portrait on a colorful fall day.

Fall is a great time of the year in Western New York, especially around the Buffalo, NY and Lockport, NY areas! This is the time of the year that the leaves take on those warm red, yellow and orange hues, and the sun seems to linger just above the horizon bathing everything in a golden light. In many ways, it is a sentimental season, as we remember those fall colors from our childhoods and running through piles of leaves.

Fall is also a fantastic time of the year for photography sessions because we can really take advantage of all of those gorgeous warm colors and the comfortable temperature. The magic of golden hour, just before the sun sets, is perfect for skin tones and really suits portraits and family shots.

What to Wear: Making the Most of a Beautiful Backdrop

Even though the weather is getting cooler at this time of year in preparation for winter, the warmth of summer can still be felt in the air and makes people feel a lot more comfortable with longer photo sessions. In fact, we find that people are generally comfortable for an hour or longer in this weather, which is plenty of time for us to do what we do best!

We suggest that people wear solid darker colors like blue, dark red, and purple hues to our photo sessions at this time of year. Wearing a sweater, long sleeved shirt, pants or otherwise warm clothes are definitely appropriate in fall. It is also best to try and wear muted tones if possible so that the clothes don’t clash with the gorgeous backdrop of the bright fall colors. We recommend wearing blues, greys, and colors that are not too saturated or strong. This means that the natural warm colors of the leaves will really pop in photos and look especially magical!

Wearing warmer clothes will also mean that no-one is going to be too cold! There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable when being photographed. Ideally, everyone should be comfortable and be able to smile and relax. This definitely results in the best photos!

Great Places for a Fall Photo Session in Western NY

Young girl in the fall playing with bright leaves in her hands.There’s no doubt that Buffalo features some fantastic locations for photographers. Being so close to Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the Niagara River is definitely reason enough to get out and about with the camera. For us, it’s the natural beauty of the Buffalo area that makes it a great spot for photography in general, and fall photography in particular.

Fall Photography in Buffalo, NY

One great place to shoot fall photography in Buffalo is the Tifft Nature Preserve.  The Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo, NY looks magical in fall and is a favorite spot for family portraits in particular. It’s definitely not huge by New Yorker standards, but the beautiful nature trails there really glow at sunset.  One of my favorite locations near Buffalo for fall photography sessions is Glen Falls in Williamsville.  Glen Falls is great for senior portraits and family sessions because of the different areas to shoot all in one location.  Also, if you are looking for a nice trail and areas overlooking water or wooded areas I have had many sessions at the Charles & Burchfield Nature and Art Center in West Seneca, NY.  Great for family sessions and also great for kids because there are two playgrounds at the ends of the trail, which is great for kids to unwind before or after a photo session.

Fall Photography in Lockport, NY

The town of Lockport NY has a fantastic history, but it is the nearby natural walking trails, serene waterfalls, woodlands and wildflowers that really captures the attention of photographers and nature lovers alike. We absolutely adore this location and really enjoy it as a setting for our family portrait and portrait sessions, especially during the fall season. The Lockport Nature Trail, and Olcott Beach are two wonderful locations for fall photography sessions. Also there are many tree farms in the area (like Treetrop Acres in Lockport, and Erway’s in Wilson) that are great for fall shoots and the holidays, and also towards the end of fall when you get your first snow falls of the season.

Magical Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

The natural beauty of Buffalo, Lockport and surrounding areas really comes alive during the season of fall. Those gorgeous warm colors, set alight by a glowing orange sunset, are truly a sight to behold and create enchanting memories that will last for a lifetime. Fall photography in Buffalo and Lockport, is definitely this photographer’s favorite!

High school senior during laying in fall leaves during photo session.

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The Wonderful Colors of Fall Photography
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The Wonderful Colors of Fall Photography
Fall is also a fantastic time of the year for photography sessions because we can really take advantage of all of those gorgeous warm colors and the comfortable temperature.