That is a good question, what is the value of hiring a professional wedding photographer?  Your wedding could possibly be the most auspicious and memorable day of your life. Which means you have to utilize every single effort to make it a beautiful and memorable experience. But when it comes to the budget, there’s always some limitation. Most engaged couples on a budget ask questions like, “what should my budget for a wedding photographer be, or should I hire one?” Why is photography one of the first places brides to be look to cut corners?  Does the price for wedding photography outweigh the its benefits? At the end of the day, some couples consider purchasing smaller wedding photography packages while some forgo the entire professional photography scene and opt for friends and relations – “My cousin’s roommate from college has a brand new Canon Rebel T series DSLR camera; we don’t have to pay him to photograph our wedding, should we consider this?” It seems like everybody and their dog has a “nice” camera these days and with all the cheap digital and phone cameras available, one might be tempted to think that the snapshots from guests will suffice. The fact is that this is a very important day of your life, and the beautiful snapshots that will be taken will be some of the most valuable items in your treasure box of memories. A wedding is entirely a collection of special ceremonies captured in all its single flavors, making it a complex job which needs proper mechanism and precision. This is why many couples considering wedding photographers in Buffalo NY and abroad still find themselves shopping for the right wedding photography services. And even those that are financially constrained, try to budget other things to pay for proper wedding photography. In fact, many couples often ask for help from family for wedding expenses.  In addition to asking for assistance from family, many wedding photographers (myself included), split the payments up in two or three installments prior to the wedding.  There is usually a fair amount of time from when you have paid the deposit to hold your date, until your wedding day giving you time and smaller increments to pay off.   A wedding photography professional is an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Sometimes you find couples who are willing to spend more on the photography than on any other element of their wedding. After all, weddings, as we know, are really about the love, and that intense emotion that you are experiencing needs to be recorded and stored for posterity.

Here are several reasons why it makes sense to not skimp on wedding photography.


The best wedding photographers in Buffalo, NY and abroad are those who introduce a touch of professionalism to the whole photography affair.  Like I said, weddings are about love and it is among the few occasions in life where conspicuous displays of affluence are not frowned upon; where indeed such a display is celebrated.  And with a touch of professionalism, this display will definitely not be a ‘one-day’ affair.   Wedding photographers bring a lot to the table that is otherwise irreplaceable.  They are experts at capturing the subtleties of expression and nuances of the environment. The wedding photographer also takes on the role of planner in a lot of ways, to where they will even meet with your DJ or wedding planner ahead of time to plan out the timing of your wedding.  A wedding photography professional will also sit down with you in a scheduled meeting to discuss your wedding, and to showcase all their services they offer.  Anyone serious about their wedding photography should find a wedding package that suits their needs, and budget.  A little planning and foresight is all that is needed to make this an effortless and stress free process.

A Wedding Photographer’s Style

Professional Wedding Photography Table Setting

One of the vital components, why it all makes sense to pick your photographer based on skill and syle rather than price, is that wedding photography professionals have loads of experience. By hiring an experienced, competent wedding photographer whose style matches up to your specific preferences and taste, ensures you and your significant other will get that perfect look, and will receive professional quality photographs.  In the event you fancy an unconventional and modern day style, you’ll be able to opt for a contemporary photography style. And if conventional photography style is what attracts you, then you’ll be able to opt for conventional photography. For those that prefer a blend of both classic and contemporary can as well pick that for a distinctive style. Lifestyle portrait and journalistic photography are other widely accepted styles in wedding photography… but you get the idea. Even if the styles aren’t important to you (or you have no idea what they are), as long as your happy with the gallery of the photographer you interested in, they should be able to meet your needs. What if you hired that cousin’s roommate?  Would they have had the experience necessary to make you happy with the photographs?  It is certainly possible they would be able to get a couple of okay shots from your wedding, but not on a daily basis will make it much harder for them to get those important once in a lifetime shots.  A novice photographer will have a hard time getting the right poses for the staged photographs, and they will find it very hard to get people to listen to them.  This will result in people taking cell phone pictures in your “photographers” shots, adults and children not taking the photography seriously (not that there isn’t a time for goofy during your photo session),  and they will find it difficult to capture good low light shots (churches, night time, poor weather, etc…).  One of the greatest aspects of a good photographer, is their versatility and their ability to work through any situation. A student or hobbyist photographer most likely haven’t developed those skills yet even if they have some natural talent.

The Best Wedding Photographers in Buffalo NY Have It All Together

Value of a Wedding Photographer - Winter Wedding

Wedding photography requires a lot more than aiming the camera at the bride and asking her to say, “Cheese”.  Your wedding photographer has to think about shutter speed, lighting, what lens or filter to use, and several other factors that go into making an excellent shot. The job isn’t easy at all, but an experienced wedding photographer will make it seem effortless. A church wedding, the photography may have a standard and formal appearance, whereas a beach wedding will ultimately break away from this classic aesthestic and have a more contemporary appearance. Depending on your style and the venue you selected to host your wedding, a wedding photographer will prepare themselves accordingly for your big day.  They can also pre-program some your photo shoot in advance in to their camera settings.  In most cases, a professional will go to the venue beforehand to determine the best and most effective lighting and camera angle alternatives.  Wedding photographers will also provide post editing services in most situations to make sure that your images they submit to you are not blurry, colored incorrectly, and they also do this to add artistic versions of your special photographs to really make them pull at your heart strings.

Accustomed to High-End Devices

The best wedding photographers in Buffalo, NY and beyond, are familiar with the use of advanced top of the line cameras and other advanced devices to capture pictures in precise ways. If a novice photographer thinks it will be easy for them to shoot your wedding using an entry level DSLR camera with the stock lens and some generic memory cards, then they are in for severe disappointment.  Moreover, professional photographers are very prepared for any pitfalls that can arise on your wedding day.  A wedding photographer uses extra backup equipment and accessories to avoid uncertainties during the event (how many times have you just really needed those couple extra AA batteries for a device or maybe a baby wipe or two to clean a child’s face, hands, or shoes), a wedding photographer comes through in the clutch.  Wedding photographers have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars on their equipment for their cameras (yes, they always have a backup camera), their many lenses (which often cost almost as much as a camera body), right down to the top of the line memory cards that are usually no less than $100 a piece.  And rightly so, because this investment makes it possible for them to take many photos in an instant, to take low-light shots that on the previously mentioned camera would have turned out extremely grainy if visible at all, and to capture tac sharp and super high resolution images in good lighting to give you photos that are both stunning and are able to be enlarged for large prints for your home.

Reliability and Communication

The talent or skill of taking good photographs by a professional is only part of the package. A professional photographer should also be able to show up on time, appropriately dressed, converse with the guests, curate the wedding party, and so on.  In general, a professional is able to capture the real emotions of every member of the wedding party by simply interacting with them in a relaxing and compassionate way. The best wedding photographers in Buffalo, NY provide photography services with a perfect blend of creativity and quality. Wedding photography is their passion, their way of life. With it, they continue to entice their clients with a modern and artistic touch in their photographs. By infusing plenty of passion into their photography, they are able to capture the true emotion and excitement of your wedding day. These are the reasons why it makes sense to have a budget in place for wedding photography, and you would do well to opt for a professional.  They can present you and your beloved, and the people in attendance at your wedding in a natural and elegant way, thereby raising the overall charm and beauty of each and every one of you. This in turn, will make your wedding a memorable one.  What is the value of hiring a professional wedding photographer?  Because it is their career, their passion, and their pride to provide you with the best service, results, and planning for your wedding day. If you have any questions for me your wedding, or would like to see some additional samples of my wedding photography or wedding products like our custom wedding photo books, feel free to email me or give me a call!  If you liked The Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer, sign up for the Samantha McAllister Photography Newsletter to get great content like this straight to your inbox!   Interested in booking Samantha McAllister Photography for your wedding or engagement session?  Book Her Services Today!

The Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer
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The Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer
What is the Value of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer? That is a good question. Your wedding could possibly be the most auspicious and memorable day of your life.