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Photography has evolved into a wonderful state in which almost anybody can enjoy the great satisfaction that comes when capturing Images. Passionate photographers happen to endure a rocky a road with many joys and satisfactions when learning about Photography. Many people try to be a photographer but just a handful can be defined as true passionate photographers. One of the biggest differences between these Photographers and those that abandoned the discipline in the road, is the quality of the images that they finish with at the end of their workflow. Some people may think that the summit of the workflow in photography is to post some great images on the internet after developing the RAW files, but we think that’s just an alternative ending to the greatest summit in photography. Since the early days of film, images finished their road when they materialize themselves into photographic paper. Capturing the image was just a percentage of the complete workflow in a photographer’s labor. Thanks to the Digital era, this has been underrated from professional and amateur photographers, as well as clients. The importance of printing should be stressed to anyone whose image has been captured.

The uses of printing can be diverse:

  • Portfolio
  • Part of a Package for a Client
  • Exhibition
  • Keeping family memories physically “alive”

In Relation to Photographers

Printing is something that has been obscured due to immediacy, but if you take your photography seriously, or you truly value the images that have been taken of you, you must not underestimate printing. Printing is still the summit of any photograph, and it must be done with the highest quality available.

Printing can be achieved in two practical forms. It can be done at home, which requires a great investment in a premium ink jet printer (8 channels of colors versus 4 and a couple of hundred bucks more), in addition to the costs of fine papers. Or at a professional lab like ours. Having the work done at home is not a bad idea, but if you are a photographer that doesn’t print on a daily basis, this may not be the wisest choice to go financially speaking. One primary reason being that inks inside inkjet printer will dry up when you don’t print frequently, and this could potentially damage the printer beyond repair.


About Papers


When it comes to papers, fiber based papers were the standard in the analog days. Even though we have evolved into digital mostly, we work with great suppliers of the highest quality papers ever!

Glossy finish – is great for the richness of shadows and colors, but is only good at certain viewing angles. If it is going behind glass, glossy is always a good way to go for standard contemporary portraits.

Matte finish – has none of the restrictions of viewing angles causing glares that blow out the image, and are great for artistic photographs, black and whites, and sepia toned photographs.

Satin finish – is a slightly glossy style of paper, so it still retains much of the richness and color vibrancy found in glossy paper. It is great for albums, scrapbooks, and general pictures for the home or office.

We have been trusting our prints to this very high quality paper, the Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Super Type PD Luster.  The latest Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD, Professional Lustre finish paper. This paper is the newest evolution to Fujifilm’s family of professional color papers. Improving on their renowned Crystal Archive Paper technologies, print output results in more vivid color reproduction, plus improved highlight detail. Paired with Fuji’s Digital RA Pro chemistry, the highest Dmax and incredibly brilliant whites; the result is a sharper, crisper image.

About Ink

As in papers, inks have degrees of quality too. When combining high quality papers, with high quality inks, the result may last for over 60 years without a hint of fading.

About Sizes

Regular Ink Jet Printers are limited to size even if they are in the pro line of the brand. Many photographers want their images showcased at large, and that’s a great reason why you may want to invest in high quality printing in large format from our lab, instead of poor printing at a large format like the services offered by commercial printers that are available for the general public.

 Always Calibrated Printers

Printers are our labs star tool of work, and they take special care of them by keeping them finely tuned and calibrated to render the best quality they can produce.  This is a very technical procedure; that only specialized technicians are able to do.

Printing is For Everyone

Recycled package with ribbon and card for photo prints.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer that lives, thanks to the beautiful discipline of taking pictures, or if you are a customer with great digital files delivered by a photographer. It also doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer that takes your passion seriously, or if you are a proud mother or father that wants to have some images printed for a fine photo album. High quality printing is for everyone, and you shouldn’t waste money on subpar prints.

In Relation to Customers that Purchase Photo Services

The great thing about prints from professional laboratories, is that their quality is not just reserved for photographers, but also for customers of diverse photographic services. We know that in modern days sharing a complete album with the loved and close ones over the internet is something that we do on a regular basis. But here are pictures that deserve to get materialized into a medium that has a deeper meaning when it comes to contemplation, and sharing at the intimacy of a home.

Why Printed Pictures Will Always Look Better?

This is a very true fact, and the answer to it is simple. First we are talking about high quality prints; which overcome by far to what any high definition display may render. The fullest resolution of a picture can only be noticed at a full resolution print like the ones we offer to every client we work with. We deliver a complete set of well thought selected pictures, but we know that this group may be reduced to the best of the best, and those pictures are the ones that deserve to get printed into a very high quality medium.  It doesn’t stop there, because we also take the time to fully prepare the images you have chosen in pre-production specifically for printing.  These steps ensure that the print will look amazing.
The pictures that we capture are completely yours, you are just sharing a moment of your life with us. They deserve to get the best quality available in the market. Your moments are not something that must be treated as a commercial thing, but something that deserves complete respect and care. It’s a shame to see how wonderful moments of many families fade away thanks to sloppy printing done at commercial labs that base their service in fast deliveries instead of high quality products. Our goal is to make your moments last forever, and we achieve it with the best inks and papers available in the market. We work with professional brands such as Fuji and Ilford to stand out from the crowd. We are proud of treating images with respect from the moment we press the shutter button on our cameras, to the moment we deliver our high quality prints to our clients. The look on the face of our satisfied clients, is something that we still value as priceless, and is what move us the most to continue doing what we love the most, Making your Memories Last.

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The Importance of Printing
Article Name
The Importance of Printing
Printing is something that has been obscured due to immediacy, but if you take your photography seriously, or you truly value the images that have been taken of you, you must not underestimate printing. Printing is still the summit of any photograph, and it must be done with the highest quality available.