Digital is Good


e live in an image driven society where digital files are the future, and that is why I offer your digital images to you at no additional cost from every photo session! You are free to share these images with all your friends and relatives and use them however you wish.

Why Print?


owever, it is easy to put aside the task of going to print your images, and you may regret not having them on your wall in your home, or in albums or photobooks to share with your family.  A physical print of your loved ones is in your hands, and the images in your hearts.

If you take your images to a local store to have them printed the prints are not always archival, and can fade and yellow as soon as just two years.  Also, you may find that the person assisting you, if there is one, does not have a personal connection with your images.  They may not know how to provide you with the best prints possible.I have control over every aspect of every photo, and have a stern attention to detail that will show in the quality of your printed images. I retouch all images for print with a professional skill set, and I truly care for and love what I am doing. The images won’t just be printed on cheap stock from laser copiers, or from dated kiosks that need to be serviced, or from a home inkjet printer with clogged print heads or ink that is running out.  Below you will find some technical information for some of the services I offer.

Features industry leading photographic papers, and top of the line printing technology.
Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Super Type PD Luster
Samantha McAllister Photography’s photo lab uses the latest Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD, Professional Lustre finish paper. This paper is the newest evolution to Fujifilm’s family of professional color papers. Improving on their renowned Crystal Archive Paper technologies, print output results in more vivid color reproduction, plus improved highlight detail. Paired with Fuji’s Digital RA Pro chemistry, the highest Dmax and incredibly brilliant whites; the result is a sharper, crisper image.

dieCut5x7Heavyweight paper options available, and the same quality printing process as the Photo Printing. Die cut cards are also available in different shapes to add extra style and elegance for invitations and announcements.