Bringing a newborn baby into your family is one of life’s most amazing and delightful moments! The transient nature of the newborn days makes them so precious, and as a photographer, I deeply appreciate how quickly these days pass-by. Because of the fleeting nature of the newborn days, it is important to capture all the sweet details of your new babies, while they are still so little.  With my experience over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks that have never failed to achieve positive results.  Today I’m willing to share these tips with you on how to achieve an amazing newborn photoshoot with your baby photographer.

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Hiring a professional to photograph your baby will do nothing but present you with beautiful photos that’ll place smiles across the face of the whole family in years to come. As a professional photographer from Buffalo, New York, hiring my team and me for a photoshoot as important as this guarantees a session full of laughs, connection, precious moments, and fun.

The fact is, for a professional photographer to be able to capture an incredible variety of images of your sweet new baby, you have a role to play as a parent, and the following tips will surely make the session a memorable one.

Timing is Everything: Newborn Photoshoots Have to Be Done Soon

You will agree with me that babies change over the first few weeks of life. So, for a successful shoot, your baby should be less than three weeks old, although the first 10 days would be ideally preferable. This has to do with the ease of posing your newborn since he/she sleeps most of the time.  I really can’t stress this enough because you only have this small window if you want to get an amazing turn out.  As long as the umbilical cord has fallen off, you are ready to schedule your session.  In fact, I receive a lot of newborn and new baby photography bookings in advance for C-sections. I always make a great to effort to fit a newborn photo session in within this 7-10 day window, and I do this with the clients that call me up and want to know my availability around their due date.  With a little planning, it is easy to get book a baby photographer during this time frame.


Keeping Baby Cozy and Warm During the Newborn Photo Session

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The comfort of your baby is going to be our top priority throughout the photoshoot. The more comfortable the baby is, the more adorable he/she’ll be on photos, proudly exhibiting every moment of his/her life, while awake or asleep.

Having the session at your home is always easier on you and your child, because it is a space where you both feel most comfortable, and the baby can sleep and feed in peace. This means the session will be long enough to allow for feeding and diaper changes. Also, an assistant will always be needed to keep the baby safe and sound. These extra set of hands, preferably from an assistant to the photographer (so they know what needs to be done), helps in achieving the shots from all the angles needed, and to get those tricky composite photos of babies propping “themselves” up.  Yes, some poses require compositing multiple images, and an excellent spotter will come in handy especially when introducing props. A lot of props can be very cute and are a good idea, but it has a lot more value if they are items that are handed down, made for the baby, or are from a family member have a lot more meaning.  These are often much more powerful than anything that could be supplied by the baby photographer.

You should know that parents need to breathe and relax during the photoshoot.  Stressing out can affect the baby’s mood and result in a cranky infant for your picture day.  Rushing it is the same vein, we are not in a hurry, as we’ll take our time and exhaust all the beautiful angles and poses there are.  It should be a rush to get the babies pictures done when they are only a few days old, but once the session begins it is important to just take our time.

Natural Light is Best for Making Images Soft, Real and Natural

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I prefer the most natural source of lighting – the sun. Having access to natural light from windows makes for much better pictures, with soft shadows and highlights to make the photos look real and natural.  Thus, while preparing you should get ready that part of the house that is exposed to natural lightning, and that’s also warm – so the baby is comfortable nude.  A baby photographer should have a large baby poser (similar to a bean bag), make finding a source of natural light in your home a lot easier.  With the posers I have, we can set up shop in any room in the house that has adequate space and windows near by, and make a cozy little baby nest to get some amazing pictures on.  If there truly is no available locations with natural lighting in your home, it is still possible to use bounce flashes and soft boxes to achieve similar effects, but it still isn’t quite the same as natural lighting.  Preparation is a huge part of a newborn session, but the personal touch is what makes it memorable and enjoyable for your family for years to come.  We have baby posers, blankets, backdrops, and even knit props for you to enjoy, so unless there was something very specific you had in mind, we have it covered.  This sets us apart from a lot of other baby photographers, and we have all this ready to travel direct to you.

So far you see that I have all the tricks to make your baby much more cooperative and happy throughout the photoshoot. And after forty lengthy weeks of carrying your bundle of joy, I will help you fill those empty baby-themed picture frames with amazing photos of your charming little youngster.

Expecting a New Child, or Have Someone in the Family That is?

Great!  Make sure to reach out to me as soon as you can, so you can plan on making the time to have your new baby’s pictures done.  Also, nothing makes for a better present for baby showers than a gift certificate to have the baby’s pictures taken by a professional baby photographer!


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How to Achieve an Amazing Newborn Photoshoot with Your Baby Photographer
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How to Achieve an Amazing Newborn Photoshoot with Your Baby Photographer
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