New Baby & Newborns Gallery

New Baby sessions are a great opportunity to join you for that amazing moment as your new child enters this world.  Getting to document the expressions on the new moms and dads faces as they first see their newborn baby is beyond words.  Newborns are so fun to work with because they are so beautiful, and so easy to pose and cradle.  It really comes down to timing, lighting, experience, and the choice of props for newborn session success.  Please enjoy the small showing of my work in the following gallery.

Maternity Gallery

It is commonly said that a woman “glows” when she is pregnant.  It is more than a symbolic metaphor, or hormones, it is love!  There is a small window for doing a maternity session, but it can fun creating themes for birth announcements or gender reveals if you have the time to plan it out.


Toddlers & Children Gallery

Toddlers and children sessions are by far my favorite, but they are often the most challenging.  You have to be patient, and welcoming to children to be able to work with them.  I have four children of my own, and I know how to communicate well with kids.  Many of my clients hire me for children sessions each year because I am patient, and because I love working with children.  Children are so full of emotions, and all have their own personalities that make them unique, and are such a joy to work with.

Couples & Engagement Gallery

Couples of all ages have so much love to share with one another.  When they are comfortable, and in a serene setting the photos can be priceless.  Scripted or not, couples sessions are a joy to photograph, and are a great way to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

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Family Gallery

Families get together all the time, and share in fun activities and events.  However, not all families get together and have their pictures taken from time to time.  This is not fair to our loved ones that want to be able to reflect on these memories with pictures to share.  It isn’t about the time it takes, or the inconvenience of having to dress up a little bit, it is about making a living memory that can be shared in years to come with those that are too little to remember them, or to share memories of those that may no longer be with us.

Seniors Gallery

Senior pictures are all about personality.  They are a portrait of your current self as you transition to the next great part of life’s journey.  All that aside, they are about having fun, and feeling comfortable with yourself.  I hope you have enjoyed the gallery, and if you did please feel free to book a session below.



  • We have had Sam do mine and my husband’s engagement pictures and maternity pictures. She did an amazing job, and we passed great photo ideas back and forth until we had some really good pictures. We had lots of fun and the pictures turned great. Sam is going to do our maternity pictures again, and new baby pictures too!
    – Keely S.
  • Sam has done my sister’s wedding and other sister’s pics. She dose a great job taking pictures. I recommend her to all my friends!
    – Kimberly S.
  • We had some amazing business photos done for our website and our sons senior pictures. Sam did an outstanding job with both. Very creative senior pictures and beautiful business photos.
    – Marie M.
  • Sam was great! She was very patient with our kids and our family photos turned out great! She is very reasonably priced and got our images to us quickly too. Can’t wait ’til our next photo shoot!
    – Robin D.
  • Sam did a wonderful job with my daughters 1st birthday pictures!!! I would strongly recommend her for any occasion!
    – Chris L.
  • Sam did a great job! She waited for me and my fiance even though we were late and I really appreciated that. I would definitely recommend her for another job for anyone.
    – Krishant P.
  • She was super nice and really loves what she does! Perfect poses and very knowledgeable. She even walked in a stream for me!
    – Kelsey V.
  • Our pictures turned out AMAZING! Sam did a wonderful job, balancing the kids and animals!! Thank you, Sam!
    – Courtney L.
  • Sam did an amazing job capturing all of the big and small moments that made my grandmother’s 99th birthday party amazing! Great photos worth more than words!
    – Melissa R.
  • Sam took our family pictures last fall. She was very proactive and accommodating for reschedules because the weather was so unpredictable. Our pictures turned out great, and it was such a fun session. I look forward to using her services again this summer.
    – Alexandra W.
    – Danielle H.
  • My wife and I have hired Sam for two different photo shoots, and they turned out great. We also have her booked for two more sessions for our upcoming baby! I highly recommend working with Sam as she is very personable and great with kids.
    – Kenny S.
  • Amazing photography, Sam does GREAT work. I look forward to the warm up for some more photos of my kiddos!
    – Mallory B.

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