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Welcome to the photography blog.  Here I will be posting new content about events, contests, photography tips, and anything related to photography. I will also be posting about locations that I like to use in the Lockport, Buffalo, and Rochester areas for specific sessions. I will also be writing about tips for getting ready for various types of photo sessions, and ideas to help your sessions be more effective. Please check back often for new and unique content!  If you would like this content in your inbox, please click here to sign up for my newsletter!

205, 2017

What is the Value of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

That is a good question, what is the value of hiring a professional wedding photographer?  Your wedding could possibly be the most auspicious and memorable day of your life. Which means you have to utilize every single effort to make it a beautiful and memorable experience. But when it comes [...]

1309, 2016

The Wonderful Colors of Fall Photography

Fall is a great time of the year in Western New York, especially around the Buffalo, NY and Lockport, NY areas! This is the time of the year that the leaves take on those warm red, yellow and orange hues, and the sun seems to linger just above the horizon bathing [...]

1708, 2016

The Importance of Printing

Photography has evolved into a wonderful state in which almost anybody can enjoy the great satisfaction that comes when capturing Images. Passionate photographers happen to endure a rocky a road with many joys and satisfactions when learning about Photography. Many people try to be a photographer but just a handful [...]

2506, 2016

Kids Should Love Photo Sessions

We all take so many pictures of our kids, but it can be hard to get that ideal picture when your little champ or princess won’t stay still! When you direct your kids to make a specific pose, they seem to behave unusually, roll their tongues or do weird things [...]

2904, 2016